What information do you need to register for an ABN?


* legal name
* postal address
* business address
* business name/trading name
* contact details – this is the contact person for your business and the parties able to make changes to your ABR details
* applicant type for example, sole trader or partnership
* Australian company number (ACN) or Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) – if applicable
* the name of the public officer (if applicable)
* the name of the trustee or trustees (if applicable)
* email address – you must provide this if your GST turnover is $20 million or more, or if you wish to deal electronically
* the main business or type of industry being carried on.

  • 氏名
  • 住所
  • ビジネス用の住所
  • ビジネス名/商号
  • 連絡先の詳細 – ビジネスや団体のABR(Austrarian Business Resister)の詳細を変更することができる担当者
  • 申請の種類(個人事業主、パートナーシップ)
  • Australian company number (ACN) 、Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN)
  • 広報官名(該当する場合)
  • 被信託人の名前(該当する場合)
  • eメールアドレス
  • 実施している主な事業もしくは産業の種類


* tax file number (TFN) – you do not need a TFN to apply for an ABN. If you do not have a TFN, you can apply for one at the time of applying for your ABN (non individuals only). If you choose not to quote a TFN, it may delay the processing of your application
* associate details (for example, directors for Corporations Law companies)
* tax agent reference number – this is usually a 7 or 8 digit number available from your tax agent
* bank account details.

  • タックスファイルナンバー(TFN)
  • 提携者の詳細(たとえば、法律事務所の社長)
  • 会計事務所のレファレンスナンバー
  • 銀行口座の詳細

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